BCA Software Engineering System Analysis & Designing

Choosing Which Systems Development Method to Use?

Choosing Which Systems Development Method to Use? The discrepancies between the three methods mentioned above are not as major as they seem at the beginning. The analyst needs to consider the organization, in all three strategies. The analyst or project manager then has to budget their time and money to create a plan for the […]

BBA BCA Class XI Fundamentals of computer PowerPoint

Computer & IT Applications Questions

Application Package Why is excel also known as spreadsheet or worksheet? Explain it with respect to the following: worksheet, graphics, and database management system. What is meant by word processing and slide presentation? Discuss the difference between word processing and data processing. Why mail merge is considered as an important feature in MS word? Explain […]

BBA BCA Fundamentals of computer

Explain the functions of the Dos commands with syntax.

MKDIR: Creates a directory. Syntax: MKDIR [drive] path. e.g.: C:\>MKDIR Test                 :-Creates test directory in C drive. C:\>MKDIR\BBA\lab1        :-Creates subdirectory lab1 in the directory BBA in C drive. DIR/W/P/S DIR: Displays a list of files and subdirectories in a directory. Syntax: DIR [drive:] [path] [filename] [/A: [Attributes]] [/B] [/C] [/L]                [/O: [order]][/S] [/P] [/W] […]