Software Engineering

Explain the steps involved in the prototyping

1.Define the goal and purpose of the prototyping.2.Make plans for iterations (number, range) and evaluations (dates).3.Transform the conceptual design to a first outline of the user interface and a first synopsis for the users’ information.4.Design the paper prototype.5.Let domain experts review the paper prototype regarding completeness and correctness.6.Test the prototype’s usability.7.Analyze the test results.8.Decide on […]

Software Engineering

QUESTION BANK (Software Engineering)

1.What is software engineering?2.What is the difference between program and software?3.Write out the reasons for the Failure of Water Fall Model.4.What are the characteristics of the software?5.Define the terms :6.What are the various categories of software?7.What are the challenges in software?8.Define software process9.What are the fundamental activities of a software process?10.What are the umbrella activities […]

BCA Software Engineering System Analysis & Designing

Choosing Which Systems Development Method to Use?

Choosing Which Systems Development Method to Use? The discrepancies between the three methods mentioned above are not as major as they seem at the beginning. The analyst needs to consider the organization, in all three strategies. The analyst or project manager then has to budget their time and money to create a plan for the […]

Software Engineering System Analysis & Designing

System Analysis & Designing Chapter wise Questions

Chapter one Systems, Roles, and Development Methodologies Learning Objectives understand the need for systems analysis and design in the organization. realize the many roles of systems and design in an organization. comprehend the fundamentals of three development methodologies: SDLC, the agile approach, and object-oriented systems analysis and design. Questions list the advantages of using systems […]

Software Engineering

Software Engineering Unit Wise Important Questions.

Unit 1 : Introduction 1.How can you make sure that your code is both safe and fast? 2.Define software engineering? 3.What is Software configuration management? 4.What is software? 5.Differentiate between software engineering & system engineering? 6.List & explain the attributes of good software? 7.What are the Key challenges facing in software engineering? 8.Define different types […]