Describe the main steps during the analysis phase. What are some of the major Conclusions?

Step 1- Analysis Strategy : The project team will devise an strategy based on the design of the project which will be used to create specifications for the new program. The plan normally involves steps such as:

Step 2- Analyze the current system : Gather knowledge about its strengths and limitations from project supporter and existing device users. Using the identified issues to develop goals for the new program.

Step 3- Create new system concept : Develop a general concept of the new system based on the information gathered, including the functions and capabilities it will have.

Step 4 – Modeling activities: Share thoughts on application specifications and data requirements for the new system using process models and data models.

Step 5 – Prepare and present system proposal: Prepare and present system proposal: Compile the findings of the analysis, system design , process model and data model into a new system proposal. Project manager and/or approval committee must decide if the program has sufficient merit to carry on creating.

The primary deliverable for the research process is the proposed framework, which incorporates the knowledge produced during this process into a document outlining the basic conceptual design for the new system and the basis for the design decisions.

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