C Programming Class XI Class XII

Important Questions Computer Science

For Class XI

1. What is computer system? Explain any one generations of computers. 
2. What are the application areas of computer?
3. What is html? Define five html tags.
4. What is operators in C programming? Define Assignment Operator.

5. Define variable with its types.
6. What are the format specifiers in c programming?
7. What is the increment and decrement operator in c programming?
8. Why first generation computer is heated very soon.
9. What are the advantages of C programming?  
10. Describe the major characteristics of computer.  
11. Write c Program to calculate simple interest.
12. Write c Program to add two numbers. 
13. Write the advantages of HTML. 
14. Make login page using HTML and CSS. 
15. Write short notes on: 
a) Cascading Stylesheet (CSS).    b) Online Learning.

16. Make and Registration Form using HTML and CSS

17. Make an employee table using HTML and CSS

18. write a c program to perform subtraction in programming.

19. Define different types of CSS with example.

20. Define the applications of computer in various manner.

For Class XII

1. Define Artificial intelligence and its components.

2.  Write a Program to calculate the simple interest.

3. Write a program to add two Numbers.

4. Explain advantages and disadvantages of database

5. What is Database? Explain the normalization in database.

6. What is object-oriented programming? Define Encapsulation?

7. What is the purpose if the ER-Diagram? List out any three symbols used in ER-Diagram with their   meaning and example.

8. Differentiate between Centralized and Distributed.

9. Define Control structure in c programming? Give one example.

10. Write a Program to find the largest number between two numbers.

11. Write short notes on.

a. Data security

b. Database Administrator

c. E-learning

12. write a c program to perform multiplication.

13. Define the different types of Control structure in c programming.

14. what are the advantages of c Programming.

15. what is the use of database in an organization.

16. Define the main use of Artificial intelligence.

17. Make an E-R diagram of Hospital Management System.

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