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Write out the reasons for the Failure of Water Fall Model?

Reasons For The Failure Of Water Fall Model : Real Project rarely follow Sequential Flow. Iterations are made in indirect manner. Difficult for customer to state all requirements explicitly. Customer needs more patients as working product reach only at Deployment phase. Open as PdfPrint

Explain the steps involved in the prototyping

1.Define the goal and purpose of the prototyping.2.Make plans for iterations (number, range) and evaluations (dates).3.Transform the conceptual design to a first outline of the user interface and a first synopsis for the users’ information.4.Design the paper prototype.5.Let domain experts review the paper prototype regarding completeness and correctness.6.Test the prototype’s usability.7.Analyze the test results.8.Decide on […]

What are functional and non-functional requirements?

Functional•How the system should react to the particular inputs•How the system should behave to the particular situations•What the system should not do Non functional•Constraints on the services or functions•Time constraints•Constraints on the development process Open as PdfPrint

QUESTION BANK (Software Engineering)

1.What is software engineering?2.What is the difference between program and software?3.Write out the reasons for the Failure of Water Fall Model.4.What are the characteristics of the software?5.Define the terms :6.What are the various categories of software?7.What are the challenges in software?8.Define software process9.What are the fundamental activities of a software process?10.What are the umbrella activities […]