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Social Justice

Social justice is justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within s society. justice means truth, morality, equality, fairness and mercy. Social Justice concerns obligation of individual to community and its end of the common good. components of social justice equitable society, distribution of profit/loss without prejudice. healthy social relation, participation […]

What do you mean by “local” “global” and “static” variables? Explain with examples.

Local variable : any variable which is declared within the function is called local variable. This type of variable can be accessed within the same number function only. Global Variable : any variable which is declared before main function is called global variable. This variable can be accessed from any member functions. Static Variable : […]

Web Technology

Introduction web technology is a general term referring that many languages and multimedia packages that are used with each other to produce dynamic websites. it refers to the the world wide web and focus on the technologies used in creation, maintenance and development of web based applications. web technology involves the use of HTML and […]

System Analysis & Designing Important Questions

Randomly List out the skills that are required for a system analyst. what do you mean by PIECES framework? List out the methods of FAST methodology. write down the importance of PERT in project management. what are the tasks involved in the problem analysis phase? List out any 5 fact finding techniques. what are the […]

Choosing Which Systems Development Method to Use?

Choosing Which Systems Development Method to Use? The discrepancies between the three methods mentioned above are not as major as they seem at the beginning. The analyst needs to consider the organization, in all three strategies. The analyst or project manager then has to budget their time and money to create a plan for the […]

Computer & IT Applications Questions

Application Package Why is excel also known as spreadsheet or worksheet? Explain it with respect to the following: worksheet, graphics, and database management system. What is meant by word processing and slide presentation? Discuss the difference between word processing and data processing. Why mail merge is considered as an important feature in MS word? Explain […]

Master Slides

The Master Slides is the design template or design theme used for the slides within your presentation. There are four different master slides — title master, notes master, handout master and the most common , the slide master. The default design template when you first start a PowerPoint presentation is a plain, white slide. This […]