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Search Engine

A search engine is software accessed on the Internet that searches a database of information according to the user’s query. The engine provides a list of results that best match what the user is trying to find. Today, there are many different search engines available on the Internet, each with its own abilities and features. […]

Pseudo Code

The dictionary meaning of ‘Pseudo’ is ‘fake’ or ‘false’. So , general meaning of pseudo code is fake code or false code. when we are programming, we prepare an algorithm, then we prepare flowchart. Before coding the program in editor, we prepare a code that looks like a program which may not be syntactically correct […]

Explain the functions of the Dos commands with syntax.

MKDIR: Creates a directory. Syntax: MKDIR [drive] path. e.g.: C:\>MKDIR Test                 :-Creates test directory in C drive. C:\>MKDIR\BBA\lab1        :-Creates subdirectory lab1 in the directory BBA in C drive. DIR/W/P/S DIR: Displays a list of files and subdirectories in a directory. Syntax: DIR [drive:] [path] [filename] [/A: [Attributes]] [/B] [/C] [/L]                [/O: [order]][/S] [/P] [/W] […]

Essential Of E-Business Notes

Unit 1: Introduction Part 1- Introduction of E-Business Part-2 Introduction of E-Business Unit 2: Technologies in e-business Technologies in e-business Network Securities (E-Commerce Perspectives) Unit 3: Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Unit 4: E-business and operations Management E-business and operations Management Unit 5: E-Contracting Unit 6: Online Distribution Unit 7: E-Payment System Unit 8: E-business Plan […]

Computer Science Important Questions

Long Questions 1. Describe any five logic gates with Truth Table and gate symbol. [10] 2. What are the primary objectives of operating system? Describe any four functions of operating system. [2 + 8] 3. Define the terms ‘computer architecture’ and ‘computer organization’. Explain the computer system with block Diagram. [2 + 8] 4. What […]

System Analysis & Designing Chapter wise Questions

Chapter one Systems, Roles, and Development Methodologies Learning Objectives understand the need for systems analysis and design in the organization. realize the many roles of systems and design in an organization. comprehend the fundamentals of three development methodologies: SDLC, the agile approach, and object-oriented systems analysis and design. Questions list the advantages of using systems […]

The solution of Webvan case study

Case Study and Analysis The Collapse of Webvan 1. Describe the Webvan business model and then analyze it using the value chain and competitive forces models. What were the assumptions that drove this business model?  2. Describe the role of technology in the Webvan model. What Webvan problems could computer technology solve, and what could […]